मयंक यादव की चोट का जिम्मेदार कौन? दिग्गज पेसर ने मैनेजमेंट पर उठाए सवाल


Mayank Yadav, a rising star in the world of cricket, suffered a serious injury during a match. Who is responsible for his management?


The question has been raised by a renowned pacer, who has been vocal about the lack of support and care for injured players.


Mayank's injury has put his career on hold and has raised concerns about the management of players' health and well-being.


The pacer has questioned the role of the management in ensuring the safety and recovery of players.


He has also highlighted the need for better facilities and resources for injured players to aid their rehabilitation.


The incident has sparked a debate on the responsibility of the management towards the players and their injuries.


Many have come forward to support the pacer's stance and demand better measures for player welfare.


The management has been under scrutiny for their handling of players' injuries and the lack of support for their recovery.


As the debate continues, the focus remains on finding a solution to ensure the well-being of players like Mayank.


Will this incident bring about a change in the management's approach towards player injuries? Only time will tell.