10 Enigmatic Plants That Defy Norms


Title: 10 Enigmatic Plants That Defy Norms


1. Venus Flytrap: This carnivorous plant snaps shut on unsuspecting insects, using its sensitive trigger hairs to survive in nutrient-poor environments.


2. Corpse Flower: Renowned for its putrid smell, this gigantic flower blooms rarely and emits a stench that attracts pollinators while repelling humans.


3. Welwitschia: Found in deserts, this peculiar plant can live for over a thousand years, with only two leaves that continuously grow throughout its lifetime.


4. Rafflesia: Known as the world's largest flower, it can reach a diameter of up to three feet and emits a strong odor resembling rotting flesh.


5. Sensitive Plant: When touched, this plant's leaves fold inward rapidly, providing it protection from potential threats in its surrounding environment.


6. Resurrection Plant: Capable of surviving extreme dehydration, this plant can appear lifeless for years, only to spring back to life with water.


7. Pitcher Plant: These plants have modified leaves that form a pitcher-like structure, which traps and digests insects, allowing them to obtain nutrients.


8. Dragon's Blood Tree: Resembling an umbrella, this tree's red sap is believed to have healing properties and has been used for centuries in traditional medicine.


9. Moonflower: This night-blooming plant unfurls its fragrant white flowers only after sunset, captivating nocturnal pollinators with its beauty.