10 Healthy Smoothie Recipes For Detox


Welcome to '10 Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Detox'! Get ready to rejuvenate your body and boost your health with these delicious smoothies.


Detox Green Machine: Blend spinach, cucumber, green apple, lemon juice, and water for a refreshing and nutrient-packed smoothie.


Berry Blast: Combine strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, almond milk, and a touch of honey for an antioxidant-rich and delicious treat.


Tropical Paradise: Blend pineapple, mango, coconut water, and a squeeze of lime for a tropical escape that detoxifies your body.


Creamy Avocado Delight: Mix avocado, spinach, almond milk, banana, and a pinch of cinnamon for a smoothie that promotes healthy digestion.


Citrus Energizer: Blend oranges, grapefruits, carrots, ginger, and a splash of coconut water to kickstart your day and boost your immune system.


Minty Freshness: Combine fresh mint leaves, cucumber, pineapple, coconut water, and a squeeze of lime for a refreshing and detoxifying smoothie.


Beetroot Powerhouse: Blend beets, carrots, apples, ginger, and a splash of orange juice for a vibrant smoothie that cleanses your body.


Chia Seed Detox: Mix chia seeds, almond milk, spinach, banana, and a drizzle of maple syrup for a fiber-rich smoothie that aids in detoxification.


Creamy Berry Dream: Blend Greek yogurt, mixed berries, spinach, almond milk, and a touch of honey for a protein-packed smoothie that supports detoxification.