15 Uncommon Bulbs That Burst With Springtime Cheer


Welcome to the world of uncommon bulbs that will bring a burst of springtime cheer to your garden. Get ready to be amazed by these unique beauties!


Slide into spring with the vibrant colors of the Fritillaria meleagris. Its checkerboard pattern and bell-shaped flowers will add a touch of whimsy to your garden.


Add a pop of sunshine with the Erythronium dens-canis, also known as the dog's tooth violet. Its delicate yellow flowers will brighten up any corner of your garden.


For a touch of elegance, look no further than the Camassia leichtlinii. Its tall spikes of blue flowers will make a statement in your garden and attract pollinators.


Experience the magic of the Allium schubertii, also known as the tumbleweed onion. Its unique spherical flowers will add a touch of drama to your garden.


Looking for a splash of pink? The Tulipa sprengeri is the perfect choice. Its vibrant pink flowers will add a burst of color to your garden and attract butterflies.


For a touch of exotic, try the Eremurus stenophyllus, also known as the foxtail lily. Its tall spikes of orange flowers will add a tropical feel to your garden.


Add a touch of nostalgia with the Muscari armeniacum, also known as the grape hyacinth. Its clusters of blue flowers will remind you of childhood memories.


For a unique twist, try the Fritillaria imperialis, also known as the crown imperial. Its tall stems and bell-shaped flowers will add a regal touch to your garden.


End your springtime journey with the vibrant colors of the Iris reticulata. Its delicate flowers in shades of purple, blue, and yellow will leave you in awe.