In A First, An Orangutan Is Seen Using Medicinal Plant To Treat A Wound


Meet Kesi, a female orangutan in Borneo who has amazed scientists by using a medicinal plant to treat her wound.


Kesi was observed by researchers from the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, who were studying the behavior of orangutans in the wild.


The researchers noticed that Kesi had a wound on her arm and was seen chewing on the leaves of a plant known as Dracaena cantleyi.


Upon further investigation, the researchers found that the plant has anti-inflammatory properties and is commonly used by humans to treat wounds.


This is the first time an orangutan has been observed using a medicinal plant for self-medication, showing their intelligence and ability to adapt.


The discovery has shed light on the complex behavior of orangutans and their use of plants for medicinal purposes.


It also highlights the importance of preserving their natural habitat, as they rely on a diverse range of plants for their survival.


Kesi's actions have also raised questions about the potential for other animals to use medicinal plants in the wild.


This groundbreaking discovery has opened up new avenues for research and understanding of the animal kingdom.


Kesi's story is a reminder of the incredible intelligence and resourcefulness of orangutans, and the need to protect and conserve these amazing creatures.