'See The Ball And Hit The Ball': Rossouw Reveals Success Mantra Vs CSK


It's all about focus and determination. Rossouw's mantra for success against CSK is simple: see the ball and hit the ball.


With a strong mindset and unwavering confidence, Rossouw has been able to dominate the CSK bowlers with his aggressive batting style.


His ability to read the ball and anticipate the bowler's next move has been the key to his success against CSK.


Rossouw's fearless approach at the crease has allowed him to take on the CSK bowlers and score big runs for his team.


He believes in playing his natural game and not getting bogged down by the pressure of facing a strong opponent like CSK.


Rossouw's mantra of 'see the ball and hit the ball' has helped him stay focused and not get overwhelmed by the big stage.


His consistent performance against CSK has made him a valuable asset for his team and a nightmare for the opposition.


Rossouw's success against CSK is a result of his hard work and dedication towards perfecting his craft.


He has shown that with the right mindset and approach, any challenge can be overcome, even against a formidable opponent like CSK.


So the next time you face a tough opponent, remember Rossouw's mantra and trust in your abilities to see the ball and hit the ball. Success will surely follow.